What time will I receive my bin?

Delivery times depend on a number of factors, including how many deliveries we have that day and when we will be in your suburb. We can call you half an hour before the delivery if you wish to be on site when the bin arrives.


How much can I put in the bin?

The bin is designed to be filled to the top of the bin. Over filling bins causes our drivers problems with transporting the bin and can be dangerous. Our drivers will remove items that exceed the top level of the bin or refuse to remove the bin from your site which will result in additional costs.


Can I keep the bin longer than the agreed hire period?

Yes but you need to notify us well before the agreed pickup date. Depending on how much longer need the bin, additional charges may apply. Back to Home Page.


Can I move the bin?

No. This can cause damage to your property and our bin when we pick it up.


If I finish with the bin earlier than the agreed hire period, can I have it picked up?

Yes just call us when you have finished with the bin and we will pick it up as soon as possible.


How long do I get the bin for?

2, 3 and 4.0 cubic metre bins are put out for a set period of five days.

6, 8 and 10.0 cubic metre bins are put out for a set period of seven days.


What can I put in the bin?

Generally, anything which is non-toxic. Exceptions are asbestos, car tyres, large tree stumps (larger than 300mm x 300mm) or liquid waste such as paint and oils.


Can I mix my waste?

Yes. You can mix household waste, builders rubble, sand and green waste in the same bin.


If I Have the bin put on my driveway, will it damage it?

This happens on very rare occasions, mainly with bins that have been filled with sand or concrete. We take all care but we do not accept responsibility for your driveway if you instruct us to put the bin on it.


Can I put asbestos in the bin?

No, not unless you have arranged with us to have the bin for asbestos and asbestos only. There are very specific requirements for the transport and removal of asbestos. Please phone one of our trained staff and they can assist you with your enquiry.


Can I put SuperSix in the bin?

No, not until one of our drivers has checked to make sure it is not asbestos.


How can I pay for the bin?

By credit card, Visa or Mastercard.

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